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      What elements to know when using a screen printer

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      What elements to know when using a screen printer

      Release date:2020-02-13 Author: Clicks:

      We should not be unfamiliar with the screen printing machine. The screen printing machine has also played a great role in our life and has been widely used in our industrial production. The screen printing machine should determine the screen printing process according to the material to ensure the product quality of the screen printing machine. The product quality of screen printing has a certain relationship with screen printing machine, but it has a greater relationship with materials and screen printing process. So what elements do you need to know to use the screen printing machine?

      1、 The key points of ink thickness and coverage in screen printing

      If we want to screen printing products with thick ink and good coverage, we should select thick screen and large hole screen (i.e. HD grade)

      2、 Storage conditions of printing materials for screen printing machine

      Screen printing machine printing or printing materials should be stored at room temperature dry, avoid ultraviolet or strong light, flat on a smooth surface.

      3、 Performance requirements of printing ink for screen printing machine

      Screen printing machine before printing to choose the appropriate ink screen according to the performance of the ink.

      4、 Screen printing machine should select screen material according to the surface condition of substrate before printing

      Nylon mesh with good elasticity shall be used for curved surface or uneven surface, and screen with large amount of ink shall be selected for surface with strong absorption; high tension screen shall be used for smooth surface; low mesh screen shall be used for rough surface; electrostatic screen shall be used for insulation surface, etc.

      5、 The screen printing machine has a good image resolution before printing:

      Fine wire diameter, high mesh number, high resolution. If the diameter of the wire is thick and the mesh number is low, the resolution is low. But it is not that the higher the mesh, the better, too high the ink output caused by screen printing will be insufficient, resulting in incomplete or damaged imprints. At the same time, under the same mesh number, pay attention to the influence of wire diameter. The width of the most fine lines or dot diameter that can be reproduced by two specifications of wire mesh is: l > 2D + W, D is the wire diameter, W is the opening width. When d > W, the opening area of the wire mesh is small, which affects the fluidity of the ink, resulting in the sawtooth of the wire or dot or the incomplete and damaged imprint. If the mesh number of silk screen processing is too high, it will cause The printing result is the same as that of screen.

      Generally speaking, if the screen opening is larger than the screen diameter, the screen with the screen opening smaller than the screen diameter can reproduce a higher resolution. So we should pay attention to the following points when selecting network;

      A. The larger the mesh / wire diameter is, the better

      B. The smaller the contact area between printing surface and substrate, the better

      C. In order to achieve the resolution requirement, the wire diameter and the opening width of the wire mesh should meet certain relationship

      D. In order to meet the printing requirements, the relationship between wire diameter and ultimate tension should be considered

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