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      Analyze the detailed operation process of screen printing machine

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      Analyze the detailed operation process of screen printing machine

      Release date:2020-02-20 Author: Clicks:

      Analyze the detailed operation process of screen printing machine

      It can be said that screen printing is a multi-functional printing process. All things in the world except water and air, the patterns of other products can be made by screen printing process. The basic process of screen printing is almost the same.

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      Screen printing machine manufacturer

      1. Coarsening of mesh frame: select the mesh frame profile, and the thickness and model of the aluminum profile are determined by the mesh tension.

      Screen frame coarsening

      2. Screen making: fix the screen yarn on the screen frame with the tension machine according to the required angle requirements, apply the adhesive, cut off the excess gauze after fully drying, and stick the waterproof adhesive.

      Screen making

      3. Cleaning and degreasing: wash the screen plate with high-pressure water gun, and use chemicals to thoroughly degrease and roughen the screen frame.




      4. Drying: use the plate dryer to dry the screen at a proper temperature.


      5. Apply photosensitive emulsion: after degreasing and drying the mesh, apply photosensitive emulsion on both sides of the mesh for many times, or apply water film on the surface of the mesh after the mesh is wet.

      Coated photosensitive adhesive

      6. Plate baking: use plate baking machine to bake the screen plate at a proper temperature to make it fully dry. Then put it on the lamp of the plate drying machine to check whether there is light leakage and the image is not clear.

      Drying machine

      7. Plate printing: after drying, the film surface of the negative film and the printing surface of the screen plate shall be close to each other, and the exposure shall be carried out with a high-intensity ultraviolet exposure machine.


      8. Development: spray wet the exposed screen with water and wash the pattern with a low-pressure water gun to make the printed pattern show.


      9. Mixing ink: use blender to mix ink evenly through ink performance equipment.

      Mixing ink

      10. Screen printing: through the uniform operation of squeegee on the screen, the ink is pressed out through the developing part of the screen and printed on the substrate.

      Screen printing machine

      11. Grinding glue: the scraping glue of vulnerable parts can be reused by the grinder.

      Rubber grinding machine

      12. Baking: through the baking equipment, the ink on the substrate is dried thoroughly, and the adhesion between the product and the ink is increased.

      Baking machine

      13. Processing and forming: processing the printed products with other processes by other machines and equipment.

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